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The true definition of successful trading. It isn't just about making profits. There's a formula for successful trading that changes how you assess trades.

How to assess great opportunities. Most traders assess opportunities inappropriately because they miss the most vital piece of information.

How to become a consistent trader. To be consistently profitable, first you have to be consistent. You'll learn a key factor for achieving that.

How to formulate an effective system. There is a series of key phases your system should include. These should be customised to your skillset.

The truth about trading psychology. We all know psychology is important in trading, yet most traders misunderstand what this really involves.

What People Say About The Duomo Initiative

"How the Duomo Method breaks down the markets in a logical way and then leads you to pinpoint an entry that leads to a major move, is just unbelievable. This year, I've earned £66,000 with my funded accounts. I travelled for 2 months, and paid almost all of it with the money I earned from trading. "

- Marco, Switzerland

"The training at Duomo really changed my life. It allowed me to secure £140,000 in trading capital from a prop fund. My improved situation meant I could achieve my dream of starting a business and moving to Dubai."

- Connor, Dubai

"Duomo has provided me not only with the ability of analysing the markets with precision (which is mind-boggling tbh) but also made me a better person in my day to day life. It has shaped the lens through which I see the world. I am now a consistently profitable trader which I have the statistics for."

- Sharif, Germany

Meet Your Instructor:
Nicholas Puri

For over 20 years, driven by a genuine passion for the markets, Nicholas has dedicated himself to becoming a top tier trader. After achieving success in the markets, in 2012, he left his banking career to trade full-time. Along the way, he's learned from and worked with some of the most impressive individuals in the industry.

As the driving force behind The Duomo Initiative, Nicholas is committed to providing traders the right techniques and insights to succeed. This masterclass is a distillation of years of experience, offering you a clear path in the often complex maze of trading.

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